Welcome to the a2j meditate-a-minute page! It's amazing how one minute of concentration an do to you. These meditations are packed with the truth and include input from a lot of people. (You can add your thoughts by simply e-mailing them to me.) 

addicted2jesus!!Meditate with Songs!

Any Road, Any Cost (Point of Grace)
Choose Life (Big Tent Revival)
Day by Day (DC Talk)
FireProof (Pillar)
Into Jesus (DC Talk)


addicted2jesus!!Meditate on the Word!

Faith (and  deeds) (James 2)
Resist the devil (James 4)


addicted2jesus!!Meditate with Stories!

Being a Friend


addicted2jesus!!Meditate with a li'l fun!

Noah's Ark


addicted2jesus!!Meditate with my thoughts!

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Social Smile

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