Try to torch me and you'll find
You can't turn me or deter me
No matter how you try
You can't burn me

I know where I stand and what'll happen if you try it
I know my heart and I just can't deny it
I tried to tell you but you wouldn't be quiet
I'll never bow down and you won't buy it

(From "Fireproof" by Pillar)

The bible is filled with references to fire - Moses and the burning bush, Elijah and the prophets of Baal, Pillars of fire, consuming fire, etc, etc etc...

Pillar in their title cut from their album Fireproof looks at fire from a different perspective and urges you to be fireproof!

I wanna throw three questions at you and hope that they will make you re-assess where you stand.

1. Do you NEED to be fireproof?

Look at the world around you.... and tell me what ya think.
Beer is OK. Doing pot and downing some ecstasy is just recreation. Smoking is injurious to health.... but is cool. You have to be at the top... no matter how many people you have to step on to get there. Lies are accetable. Half naked models are essential to sell everything from perfumes to toothpaste. Corruption is essential.. the more you grab the more you get. Premarital sex is OK... as long as you use a condom.
Those are some of the things that the world around you teaches and accepts.
Look around you.... fire everywhere, the flames licking you... waiting to devour you.
And I ask you again... as this planet sizzles away


If you still say no you are welcome to close your browser and get burnt; but I urge you to read on... You NEED to be fireproof.

2. Do you WANT to be fireproof?

A real personal question. The first step in change is a DESIRE to change (pretty simple fact of life eh). Deep inside you want to change. You want to be fireproof.
Get a grip and be honest. The superficial layers of worldly pleasures will just peel away to reveal the deeper desire in you to find a deeper meaning to life. Face it ... you do WANT to be fireproof. Deep inside is a part of you that yearns to set your life right

do you want to be fireproof?

Close your eyes and feel your innermost being tell you..... YES!!

3. ARE you fireproof?

We aren't born fireproof. There is only one way of getting fireproof  --- JESUS. Yeah... I am hitting the nail right on the head and am not diluting it! Remember the bible talks about the armor of God? Well I sometimes get the parts mixed up, but trust me ... that's what keeps ya fireproof. It takes very little time to strap it on. As little as a few words of genuine prayer asking Jesus to take control of your life. ( Its like talking to a friend). After that you'll understand what it means to be IN the world but not OF it. 

Yeah... and dont forget to speak to HIM daily. Listen to HIM too.. through the bible, etc. Keep that armor in top shape everyday. Now you are ready to rock the world.


Hmm.. nor that you are fireproof why dont you make sure that friend of yours is too... Spread the word.

Disclaimer: Being fireproof is a one-time decision that needs to be refreshed everyday.


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