Into Jesus



I know you're there
I feel your love love through my despair
You speak the words that ease away the pain.
My heart is free
My eyes are clear
My soul is healed
Now that you've got a hold on me.

Hey you! I'm into Jesus!!
I've seen the truth And I Believe.

(From "Into Jesus" by DC Talk)

Life's never been the same since Jesus took control of my life. I BELIEVE in Jesus Christ and owe Him a lot in life. He's never let me down in spite of me being such a wobbly Christian. Life with Jesus is not boring. It's exciting - and I'm not talking about just the 'feeling'. I firmly believe that only He can give me real joy in living. The things of this world can only please one temporarily. Why do I BELIEVE in Him? Here's a list of some reasons (this is beginning to sound like an answer paper!) I like Him. I can think of hundreds of reasons, but I'll keep it brief.

I Love Jesus because..... He's ALWAYS there for me and is never 'too busy' for me.
I Love Jesus because..... He is never a two-timer.
I Love Jesus because..... He loves even ME and cares for me.
I Love Jesus because..... He is practical. How? He doesn't stop with 'telling' me when I'm wrong. He 'shows' me the way out.
I Love Jesus because..... He gives me joy! Pure, unadulterated, 100% authentic joy!!
I Love Jesus because..... He's awesome, powerful, wonderful....and gentle
I Love Jesus because..... He is truly concerned about me. To quote Point of Grace -"God loves people more than anything!"
I Love Jesus because..... God is good ..all the time ... and all the time ....God is good! (Yeah! Don Moen's right!)
I Love Jesus because..... Nothing is too difficult for Him
I Love Jesus because.....  ...and plenty more (I'll put new reasons every now and then)

I feel that if I put in all the million reasons why He is such a great cool friend, tripod will not give me enough space (11 MB is peanuts for this purpose!!).

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