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I'll connect you to my favorite Christian sites on the net. Instructions to add your URL are at the end of this page!


The links are organized  into the following categories. Some categories haven't yet been completed 8-(

Christian Portals: Sites (like the addicted2jesus homepage!) that help you find what you want as a Christian.

Music bands, labels, records: Links you to all the Christian music bands, etc and also sites where you can buy music and search for it.

Interactive sites: Includes chat rooms, pen pals, etc..

Youth Stuff: Links that the younger generation will find interesting

Christian Radio: Listen to great Christian Music online with the best Christian Radio stations!

Personal Homepages: Personal homepages that glorify Jesus!

Christian resources: Sites that have bible studies, testimonies, discussions..

Resources for pastors, youth leaders, counselors, etc: Contains sermons, skits, games, meditations, newsletters...

Music Resources: This site helps you if you are a (budding..?) musician and are looking for chords, resources, mp3 files...

Churches: Homepage of churches

Ministries: Links you to the homepages of ministries

Christian Graphics: Cool Christian pictures and images...

Christian Books, Fiction, Literature: Sites that offer wholesome reading

Christian Humor: Good clean humor, cartoons, jokes...

Buy Christian Stuff: Go shopping!!

Christian Webmaster Tools: Christian Banner Exchanges, website hosting, e-mail, free homepages...

Other webmaster stuff: Here's where you'll find tools to spruce up and publicize your website 

Webrings/Awards/Banners: Displays the webrings/awards/banners that addicted2jesus is a part of....




Click here to add your url (all sites will be reviewed and only then added. This process is manual and I promise I'll do it sometime soon....within the next 100 years!! -just kidding buddy!!)

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