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keywords: mathew finny music midi links keyboard michigan
Finny's Homepage
This page has an excellent Christian Links section and some great midi files. He's a great keyboardist!

keywords: jemi, music, piano, college, recipe, keys, familyt 
The Jemi Zone
A personal website with a difference. 

keywords: rachel parks, the circuit, fusebox, christian music, fuseboxcircuit 
this is my first html site about me and my interests.

keywords: dove award personal garden christ 
The Dove
Welcome in the Name of the Lord. Enter the Garden. A nice page with testimonies, stories and plenty of awards!!

keywords: motivation, speakers, performers, vocalists, writings, scripture, Jesus, Christ, God, dance, teams, training, teaching, drama
Christian Motivations
 Encouragement and edification from the Lord through His children.

keywords: Christian, news, prayer, praise, links, salvation, Jesus, God, Holy Spirit.
For His Glory
A Christian site built For His Glory! It has a little bit of everything Christian! With much more to be added!

keywords: A testimony, answered prayer, a prayer answered, in an hour, love of God; delivered; saved; born again, victory through prayer
A Testimony Of Answered Prayer
A testimony of how a prayer, a cry from the heart for an only daughter who was almost lost to the drug world was answered in less than an hour.




keywords: ginny messageboard devotional prayer  
Ginny's Place
My testimony, my music, weekly devotionals, Bible study, scripture prayers, Christian links, message board for encouragement, prayers, and fellowship

keywords: faith short  page   
Live By Faith Alone
A short page that glorifies God

keywords: hugs,jesus,scriptures,angels,god,inspiration,poems,stories,graphics,love  
Angel Hugs 'N Smiles
A Christian family fun site, with poems, stories, scriptures and more to inspire all ages...Clean and safe environments. Jesus and angel graphics....


keywords: homeschool japan children howard parent   
Christian and Homeschool Resource Page by The Howard Family in Japan. Wealth of information on Christianity, Homeschooling, Parenting, Kids, US Military, Filipino-Americans , Japan, Free e-Cards, and more! We love Jesus

keywords: raven  personal journal pictures
Raven's Home
Raven's Christian Web Site and Journal. A great website with lovely graphics and content that is fascinating! 

keywords: faith bible 
Live By Faith
"So then faith cometh by hearing,
and hearing by the word of God"
-Romans 10:17

keywords: scripture bible devotions testimony mailing list
Living for Christ
Contents include How to know Christ, Links, Bible Study Tips, Steps to Christian Maturity Bible Verse Search, Banners, & Our Living For Christ Newsletter

keywords: sabrina shopping testimony 
The Diamond Refinery
A Personal homepage dedicated to giving God the glory. Don't forget to go 'shopping' at this site and also 'vote' for Jesus'!

keywords: arun rossarun michigan biometrics computer 
Ross' homepage
This is my brother's homepage. He is a computer pro and a music lover! In the middle of this personal homepage is a page that will introduce you to CHRIST!

keywords: prayer, suffering, Holy, Spirit, love, prayer 
My Pilgrimage into the heart of God
This is the story of my ongoing journey into the heart of God.


keywords: Reeves families testimonies 
The Reeves Family Mega Pages
Christian family guide to the web

keywords: Family, Children, Potters House, Walthamstow, Blessing, Ministry
PAYZE! The Christian Family Site
Read all about our Church, our home, our children and what Jesus is doing in our lives!.

keywords: Holy Spirit, God, Family, Friends, love, joy, peace, blessing, homepages, Grace ,treasure chest
Barbara's Entourage
Website built around the love of God, family, and friends! Holy Spirit inspired Christian website with Christian links and resources, spirit-filled pages, holiday pages, music and lots to bless you while surfing my site

keywords: geocities prodigals son child personal
Home of the Prodigal Son
This page is dedicated to Jesus Christ and to each person God chooses to send my way. It will consist of links to pages that I have written and/or have enjoyed, music for your listening pleasure and to download, and graphics to help you make your own page.





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