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keywords: upset the planet tvg music books
Eastman Curtis Ministries
Get ready to upset the planet with eastman curtis

keywords: Jesus, God, Devotionals, Life, Bible, Healing, Spiritual warfare, refresh, renew  
Words of Life...taught here
Dedicated to all those who will come and find life in the word of God!


keywords: yfc iyfc chennai youth touch prabha indian   
India Youth for Christ
The website for India YFC. Has news about their programs, outreach, music and magazines

keywords: powerteam body building school college john jacobs strength  
John Jacobs and The Power Team
The world's greatest exhibition of Power, Strength, Speed, Inspiration and Motivation! If you've seen them on TV or live you'll love to see these Big Men on the net!!

keywords: chennai India dhinakaran tamil karunya   
Prayer Tower Online
Jesus Calls International Ministries founded by Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran and Dr.Paul Dhinakaran

keywords: southern gospel,Pilot Mountain,teacher, math, science tips,evangelist  
Pilot Mountain Southern Gospel Singers
Dedicated to all that love the gospel in sermon and song!

keywords: bible, teaching, bible teaching, bible study,christian,God,Jesus,savior,saviour,eternal life,faith,hope,righteousness,gifts of the spirit, deliverance, word of God,prosperity, healing, abundant life,grace,fellowship,church,spiritual growth,school of ministry,Belarus,chernobyl,humanitarian aid,orphanages  
Bible Teaching Online
Bible teaching to promote christian bible study and promote the knowledge of God,Jesus our savior,gifts of the spirit,deliverance through the word of God, healing and spiritual growth.

keywords: Testimony, Evangelist, Healing, author, speaker
Free To Live Ministries
God can do anything absolutely anything, he can heal the sick, heal the mentally sick and set the drug addict free


keywords:  Prayer, praise, Lord, Jesus, Help, addictions ,add url, resources ,freebies youth
Tower Chapel Ministry
Help for a hurting heart in a darkened world. Add your url and private prayer ,freebie section.

keywords:  bible ,prophecy, prophet, remnant, table, love
The Table of the Remnant
A site from the Father, especially in war, to point the way to knowing Jesus as well as anyone we love on earth.


keywords: discipleship, commentaries, commentary, study, bible, audio, tapes, articles, newsletter, sermons, international, ministry, tape, soppministries
SOPP International Ministries
Free Bible study audio tapes and Heart to Heart commentaries for the edification and discipleship of God's Church.


keywords: wwjd what would jesus do? youth
What Would Jesus Do.Net
WWJD.net is a Christian Missions site dedicated to spreading the word of God to the Internet! WWJD = "What Would Jesus Do".

keywords: majesty ,christian, academy, school, education, youth, children, reading, writing, math, Virginia ,kids, parents
Majesty Christian Academy
Majesty Christian Academy, Gloucester, VA. Offers an Excellence in Education.

keywords: MTV mxtv mission-x youth
Mission X
Mission X will take the message of Christ to the unbeliever wherever he or she exists. By God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit, the youth cultures of twenty nations have been told the story of Jesus through the evangelism efforts of Mission X and it's staff

keywords: What Would Jesus Do, WWJD?  youth teens ministry high school, junior high, children, kids, Christ, witness, devotionals, gospel, forefront records, youth specialties, gospel communications network,  Music, CCM alternative, ska, rock, bracelets, devotionals, Bible Covers, braclets, What Would Jesus Do?
WWJD.com - Official WWJD website for Christian teens, adults, and children
providing teens and youth ministries with not only the tools used to witness to thousands of peers around the world, but to provide the knowledge found in devotionals, the shared experience in the testimonials and hundreds of tips for teens and youth ministers to help further the gospel of Jesus Christ.

keywords: article, story, inspiration, speakers, illustrations, church, newsletters, religious, periodicals, magazines Nazarene, Greek, Roman, Russian churchplanting
Christian Articles Archive - Joyful Heart Ministries
Over 125 Christian articles and stories for personal inspiration, Bible study, speakers' illustrations, church newsletters, and religious periodicals

keywords: prayer, intercessor, help, vitamins, herbs, amway, quixtar, nutrition, christian, family, household, quicklink
Desert Walker
Here is the desertwalker!


keywords: Books , Mp3 , Jazz , Fusion , God , Love ,  Outreach ,  Recording , studios , Studio , free music , mp3 , artist , CDs , , MP3 ,  downloads ,  Lyrics , music , ministry , Instrumental , Pop , Rock ,, Funk , Easy Listening , Rhythm and Blues , Folk , Country , Electronic , Jazz , Dance , Bluegrass , Classical , Inspirational , Soundtracks , Children , Ambient  
Eulogia Studios
This is a site for the promotion of Christian artists and their music and also books. You can listen to the music and read the books online or download for free.

keywords: healing, health, word, faith, power, book, medical, doctor, disease, miracle, christian, prayer, divine, cancer, graphics, bible, Jesus, Christ, atonement, blood, sick, sickness, God, Lord, scriptures
Abiding In The Healing Word
An exciting site focusing on healing through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word. Great testimonies, healing scriptures, short teachings, awesome quotes, inspirational poetry, book reviews, ministry links, prayer request page!!

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