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keywords: brenda, bolton, ministries, music, sing, concerts, revival, worship, praise, Virginia, Carolina, Maryland, Delaware,  
Brenda Bolton Ministries
Christian singer Brenda Bolton. Available for concerts, revivals, and special events in Virginia and several neighboring states. Non-profit ministry.


keywords: powerteam body building school college john jacobs strength  
John Jacobs and The Power Team
The world's greatest exhibition of Power, Strength, Speed, Inspiration and Motivation! If you've seen them on TV or live you'll love to see these Big Men on the net!!

keywords: salvation preaching holiness helps reptentance prophecy
Living Vine Ministries
Igniting a fresh fire in the heart of God's people! Sounding the trumpet! Awakening the church!!

keywords: intercession, pray, prayer, midi, midis, links, salvation, warriors. links, chat, Christian, awards
The Prayer Garden
Intercessory prayer worldwide. Christian MIDI files, pen-pals and free advertising for 30 days.!!

keywords: alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, spiritual, Jesus, Christian, 12 step, program, scripture,
True Light Recovery
12 step Christian program for alcoholics, drug addicts, or anyone wishing to live a better life & live for eternity.










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