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If you are a musician, a budding musician, think you are a musician, wanna become a musician or simply hum a tune once in a while and are looking for links to become better at it.....you're at the right place buddy!!!

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keywords: music, ogg, Vorbis, wav, free, download, indie 
Lawson Media
Downloads and streams of indie bands in various formats, some free. Ogg Vorbis


keywords: worship music resource 
Aims to equip the Body of Christ to worship by becoming the leading provider of worship resources on the World Wide Web.

keywords: guitar network tablatures message boards JOCGT   
Jars of Christian Guitar Tabs
Home of the most accurate Christian tablature on the web. has almost all the music you can ever dream of! Also has interactive trading of chords and tabs and requests for tabs you want, a superb messageboard....


keywords: Five Iron Music Ska Punk Jesus MP3 verse God 
Jesus Freak Music
Has a verse of the week and a music center organized by genre where you can listen to 30sec clips of the songs.





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