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Quiz Participation

1. Who can participate in the quiz?
Anyone! From Anywhere!! Any religion, height, color, age...

2. What kind of quiz is this?
This is a Christian Bible Quiz that has questions based on the Bible.

3. Do I have to be a Christian to participate?
No. Although a good knowledge of the bible will help you.

4. Why should I participate?
You can test your knowledge of the bible and pit yourself against the rest of the wwworld. This is also a means to realize how much is there in the Bible!!
Yeah... and there are the prizes to be won!!

5. I live all alone in a lonely island in Antarctica. Can I participate?
Yes. Hmm.... however to  receive your prize you must have a valid postal address!!

6. What should I do to participate in the quiz?
Simply enter some basic information and your e-mail and click on submit. You will directly enter the quiz and your entry time will be logged. Answer the questions by entering the answers in the boxes provided. Click on submit to send your answer and also log your end time. That's it! You have to answer all the questions within one hour of entering the quiz. After that you will lose one point for every five extra minutes.

7. Can I refer the bible after entering the quiz?

8. Can I search the net after entering the quiz?

9. What else am I not allowed to do while answering the quiz?
You cannot refer any material that will help you answer the questions after entering the quiz.  You cannot ask anyone else for the answer (unless you are taking the quiz as a group). You should simply answer the questions to the best of your ability after entering the quiz.

10. How many times can I participate?
You can attempt the quiz only once. An attempt means entering the quiz/viewing the questions. You should answer the quiz within one hour of entering the quiz. You will start losing points (one point every 5 minutes) after that.

10. Is there a time limit?
Yes. You have to complete the questions within one hour of entering the quiz. After that you will lose one point for every five extra minutes.

11. Can we participate as a group?
Yes. A group can consist of a maximum of five members. This can be a youth group, a school team, a family, a couple, a set of friends.... anyone! However each person can participate only once - either as an individual or in a group. Separate prizes will be given for the group category.

12. When can I know the answers, winners?
Winners will be posted after the quiz date expires. The answers will also be posted.

13. What will the winners get?
 CDs, cassettes, gifts, books, posters, keychains, etc...etc..

14. Jeez... arent all those prizes gonna cost you a lot of money?
Hmmm yeah... but not if you can help. If each of you even contribute 50 cents then it ensures that the winners get cooler prizes! That aint a lot eh. Presently you can contribute using e-gold and moneybookers. (It aint worth sending in a check for 50 cents eh!!) These are easy to use and safe. If you are not a member of these you can join using the links at the contribute page.
I am also using a couple of PPC search engine incomes to generate some income. 50% of revenue generated will be used for the quiz. I have also joined a few get paid to read mail program and income generated from this will also be used for the quiz. You can help out by either using the searchboxes in the site or joining the get paid to read email programs under me (I get referral percentage earnings!!)
If you would like to contribute towards the quiz prizes (costs as little as 50 cents!!), please click here
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If you really wanna help you can contribute a prize yourself! Use the contact me form below to let me know what you can donate. You will have to mail it to the winner yourself!!
If any of you know how I can get gift coupons on any sites, please let me know!!
Finally I will put in some money myself... but cant afford to spend too much!!




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