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I have some basic prizes in mind, but they could be more based on how much you pitch in.

You can contribute any amount (minimum 50 cents!) by e-gold or moneybookers. You can also  contribute just by clicking on links, using search boxes, signing up for programs using the links I have posted here. (This however can contribute only a little)

Contribute by e-gold: If you have an e-gold account simply use the form below. If you want to join e-gold click here.

Enter Amount:


Contribute with Moneybookers: Please send any contributions via moneybookers to . If you want to join moneybookers click here!

Use search engines: There a re a few search engines that will pay me for getting people to use them. Please use these if you are looking for something on the net! 60% of earnings from these engines will be used for prizes.  Click here to get to the search page.

Click these banners: I will need thousands of clicks to get a few cents! If you want to please click on any of the banners/buttons on this page!

Join these programs: There are a few programs that pay you to click on links, read email etc. And if you join under me and are active, I get a little money. Join any of these and you can help contribute.