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DC Talk Lyrics and chords

record label Forefront Comm. Group
orig. release 1995
release date 01/10/1995
mono/stereo Stereo
studio/live Studio

"Decent Christian Talk" by Sierra22

"One of the most influential group in music" by jumkim


official website

the ardent enthusiast site

the kevin max official site

dc talk solo


The official unofficial Toby Mac fan site.

The DC Talk attic

DCtalk dot net

DC Talk Phreak Home

DC Talk Music site

A DC Talk fan site

soupernatural - the movie

Forefront Records

Gotee Records

The DC Talk Zone


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Nu Thang lyrics and chords

Record Label Forefront Comm. Group 
Release Date 01/10/1995 
Mono/Stereo Stereo 
Studio/Live Studio

"Who's Doing It" by Sierra22


Album reviews by

Free At Last
Free At Last lyrics and chords

Record Label Forefront Comm. Group 
Release Date 01/10/1995
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Studio/Live Studio

"Dah original DCT hip hop" by addicted2jesus

"The spirit's alive while the flesh is a carcass..." by Andrew_Hicks

"Jesus IS All Right" by Sierra_22

"DC Talk Will Rap You to Freedom"by CrazyTim 


Album reviews by

Jesus Freak Lyrics and chords

Record Label Virgin
Release Date 11/21/1995
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Studio/Live Studio

"DC Talk Rocks" by addicted2jesus

"I got something for ya, man..." by divad23 

"Pardon me, your epidermis is showing..." by jtfourh 

"Is that sellout I smell?" by tjolims 

"Righteously powerful" by by Gerald Tan


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Supernatural Lyrics and Chords

Record Label Virgin
Release Date 09/22/1998
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Studio/Live Studio

"A notch below Jesus Freak" by addicted2jesus

"DC Talk without the Talk" by divad23 

"They've made God cool to unbelievers" by Robin Parrish 

"discovering The Truth" by TSROCKS 

"a musical hodge podge"  by David Murray


Intermission lyrics

Record Label Virgin
Release Date 11/21/2000
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Studio/Live Studio

"Propelling Christian Music into the future" by Robin Parrish

"A journey into diversity" by Dean M. & Kevin H

"a celebration of dc Talk's first 10 years" by Josh Hurst


Solo Lyrics

Record Label Forefront Comm. Group 
Release Date 04/24/2001
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Studio/Live Mixed

Reviews at the Rebel Base

"A nice little glimpse" by Divad23

"It's About Time" by Matthew Turner

"A must for any hardcore dc Talk fan" by Josh L


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