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DC Talk Nu Thang  

When DC Talks  - He Works - I Luv Rap Music - No More - Nu Thang
Things of This World
Walls - Talk it Out - Take it to the Lord - Children can Live  (without it) - Can I get a Witness
When DC Talks

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[It's time ta jam!] 

When DC talks
When DC talks
When DC talks
When DC talks

When I talk, I talk about the Lord
You can be sure that you can't afford
To miss a lyric, a rhyming line
You know, they got meaning, they're right on time
Totally true and to the last letter
If it's Christian it ought to better
Omit a bit, it should be the best
If it's of the King, you know it's blessed

(repeat chorus)

D is for decent, I mean what I say
But obscene, I don't play that way
C is for Christ, to the I-A-N
That's right y'all, I am born again
That's my tool, my gift to use
R-A-P to spread the news of God
So you know the part now
Now tell the world what's on your heart

(repeat chorus) 

He works previous songnext songtop

Well I'm a Christian, and you know that's true
But sometimes things are lookin' blue
Because, I lose sight, and I fall back
I start chillin' to the wrong kinda rap
Suddenly I look to see where I am
I call upon the Lord to give me a hand
My nature is sin, my flesh corrupt, y'all
But, thank God, things are lookin' up, cause
He works 

He's workin' on my walk
And I know He works
He's workin' on my talk
And, my God, He works
He's workin' in my life
And I said, He works
And we will get it right

In school Monday mornin' at 8 A.M.
First period and I'm stuck with gym
Get dressed in the locker room and head out the door
Not quite feelin' like I've felt before
My boys grab my arm and pull me aside
"Yo T," [Yo, what?], "it's time ta get high"
I thought for a second, didn't utter a word
Looked 'em in the eyes, said haven't ya heard
About a change in my life, now I'm free
Christ took time on a brother like me
I turned, took a step, as I walked away
I just smiled and couldn't help but say
He works

(repeat chorus)

God is always workin'
God is always workin'

Now ya know what I'm sayin when I tell it like this
Some brothers might ill, in the form of a dis
But I know one thing that is guaranteed
Through Christ, I can do anything
For Him to work in ya life, ya gotta be on track
Commit ya heart, then live like that
I guess it does take two to make a thing go right
But the two that I'm talkin' of is you and Christ
He works

(repeat chorus 4x) 

(repeat bridge 2x) 

I Luv Rap Music previous songnext songtop

[Some people out there givin' rap a bad name
Well I'm here to let you know, we ain't down with that] 

Rap music, the sound of the times
Ya sorta talk lyrics to rhythm and rhyme
And then deliver in various ways
You know, some sorta preach, and some sorta play
Nevertheless, there's a common ground [word!]
Ya know the def hip hop sound
Hyped up bass with a tiny snare
The subwoofer makes ya neighbor stare
But still

I luv rap music
I always have, and I always will

Now rap started as the voice of the street
A sorta politics to a ghetto beat
Then rappers started braggin' all about their gold
And the girlies, and the beepers
And the big, black Olds-mobile
In '83, the beatbox hit
Makin' funky drum sounds from out ya lips
But takin' on nu forms, rap has moved from the block
Now some mix it with soul and some mix it with rock
Ya know

I luv rap music
I always have, and I always will
There ain't no other kinda music in all the world
That makes me feel quite as chill
I luv rap music
Ya know, it's sittin' on the top of my list
So if ya wanna hang with me, ya better believe
We'll be jammin' to a hip hop mix

Concert time in my part of the town
Ya know, I brought my mom cause I knew she was down
She was flat groovin', but couldn't understand
How they makin' music when there ain't no band
And then she cried, "James," everybody stared
She heard a James Brown sample and thought he was there
She got home, shook her head and said,
"Kids these years"
But then again, we think the Beatles were weird

I luv rap music
I luv rap music 

(repeat chorus)

Today some rappers boast, some are makin' me ill
And those obscene lyrics are overkill
But I started' way back in the day
And since then there's been a serious change
Ya know, I asked Christ to come into my heart
And He gave me a brand new start
And on top a dat, He cold gave me my dreams
Doin' hip hop music with a Christian theme
Ya know

(repeat chorus) 

I luv rap music
I luv rap music
I luv rap music
I luv rap music 

No More previous songnext songtop

[DCT in effect!] 

Now you were born right into a world of sin
Short of God, the Lord of all men
From the jump on the sixth day
A breath of life embarked a nu way
All they could want and so much more
Satan made a move to settle the score
Threw out a bait that still don't miss
A human want whatcha cannot have fix

No more givin' in
No more givin' in ta this thing we call sin
I'm sayin'
No more givin' in
No more givin' in ta sin

The fall of man cold lit the spark
And offspring gotta deal with a heart
Full of sin, all guilty at birth
Fight it like a habit for all you're worth
Until you find thatcha cannot stand
Super-natch defeats a mere man
But there's a way to get ahead of the sin game
Beat it down in the power of God's name

(repeat chorus)

This givin' in's gotta come to an end
Through Christ, we can say no ta sin
More of God, much less of me
Is the key thought to a victory
But it can't be done with an unsure vow
And you'll fail til ya choose to bow your head
But when ya finally do
You'll find the words of God to be true
(repeat chorus 2x) 

Word up people, we ain't about sin no more
As a matter of fact,
We cold boycottin' sin right off the face of this Earth
Yo K-Max, you down with that?
[I'm steppin' to that!]
Yo T, you got my back on this boycott sin thang?
[Ya know it, holmes!]
Word up sin, you are history! 
(repeat chorus) 

Nu Thang previous songnext songtop

Ya know He's doin' it
God is doin' a nu thang
Ya know He's doin' it
God is doin' a nu thang
Ya know He's doin' it
God is doin' a nu thang
Ya know He's doin' it
God is doin' a nu thang

My God is doin' a brand nu thang
But, since time began, He remains the same
Faithful, forever to His word
And solid, a cornerstone unstirred
But, look down through the ages and you will find
God doesn't change, but He knows the time
From harp to piano, and song to rap
Ya know, God's wit us, so we can not lack and so

God is doin' a nu thang
In our lives so...
We're doin' a nu thang
Through Jesus Christ
God is doin' a nu thang
Through our music
We're doin' a nu thang
So He can use it

God's usin' this music and we're comin' strong
DC Talkin', often singin' a song
To make ya think twice 'bout the way thatcha live
And, let ya know Christ is the one that'll give
Peace in ya heart, a nu start
Call on the Lord, and he'll do His part
A brand nu thang to ya raggedy walk
He might just match it up to that big ol' talk

(repeat chorus)
(bridge-repeat into)

Like an MC, I'm here to boast
I rap about Christ, yo here's a dose
So loud and proud of the God I serve
Try to say He ain't wit it...huh, ya got nerve
Christ is the reason for dc Talk
He's the focus of our daily walk, y'all
Without him, we ain't nothin' but names
But through God, we're doin' brand nu thangs

(repeat chorus) 
God is doin' a nu thang
We're doin' a nu thang [5x]

Things of This World previous songnext songtop

70 years is all we got
To accumulate goods that seem to mean a lot
For the first 20 years, you're off to school
Learnin' principles and learnin' the tools
To make lots of money, the ultimate goal
Gain the whole world and yet lose ya soul
Huh, humanism is on a roll
20 gets the the knowledge, 30 years to apply
and just 20 years left for askin' why
I didn't realize what it was all about
And, was there any use in this rigorous route because

Things of this world are passin' away
Here tomorrow, but they're sure not here to stay
Things of this world are passin' away
So lay your treasure above
And start to live for Him today

All done for self in this world will pass
And all done for Christ in this world will last
Sounds like a simple task...
But everyday life seems to get in the way
No time to serve, barely time to pray
Our focal points lost and we get tossed
In the wind, cold facing the cost
Of fallin' without stallin' or even callin' the Lord
While you were blackballin'
He was waitin' for you to see the light
And find for yourself, these things are trite

(repeat chorus)

Our mind transforms a want to a need
A simple process that we call greed
Ya say ya like to have money, well I do too
The problem starts when the money has you
Workin' overtime to keep up with the pace
A lifestyle that you want to embrace
But it's 2 steps from where your needs are met
You're keepin' up with the Joneses, but your all in debt
Which will lead to stress, not meeting the bills
While ya sportin' a Benz with all the thrills
The domino effect's gotcha life in check
A temporary stitch and ya livin' a wreck
(repeat chorus 2x)

Don't lay up your treasures upon this Earth
They'll soon pass away
And all return to dirt [4x]

Things of this world are passin' away
Here tomorrow, but they're sure not here to stay
Things of this world, things of this world
The things, the things, the things of this world 

Don't lay up your treasures upon this Earth
They'll soon pass away
And all return to dirt [2x]

Walls previous songnext songtop

Man against man just ain't the plan
It's time for God's people to take a stand
I mean brother to brother, black to white
Stand up to the problem and begin to fight
Not against each other, you're wastin' time
Yo, I'm referring to a battle of minds
Not through debate or writin' on the walls
This kinda action is delayin' the cause
An eye for an eye, fight fire with fire
It's our turn to take it one step higher
Gotta live by example, show brotherly love
We're together on Earth, we'll be together above
So we're

Tearin' down the walls
Of segregation
Unity abroad
New revelation
Tearin' down the walls
Of segregation
Unity abroad
In every nation

To label churches by color ain't nothin' but wrong
We're in the same crew, we're singin' one song
If you're in God's army, that makes you my kin
Yo, our common bond is the Father of men
Of all attributes that we should possess
Love is in the Word ahead of all the rest
No negotiation to love a certain nation
All means all, with no discrimination
Boy, we can set a precedence the world can cop
Yo, fellow believer, now's the time to stop
Racism within our lines
Today is the time for this love to shine
So we're

(repeat chorus)

Judge a man by His heart, not color of skin
God views a man from what's held within
And, you're called one of His, so you gotta know
To be Christ-like is the way that you go
And my brothers and sisters in one accord
Yo, we're the sheep, and the Shepherd's the Lord
So whether black sheep, white sheep, or even swirl
God watches over all the sheep of the world
So tell me whassup when ya know the command
The Word's bold, "Love your fellow man!"
And treat Him like you would treat yourself
Pull brotherly love off ya dusty shelf

Talk it Out previous songnext songtop

T, jumpin' on the m-i-c to
Promote talk in the family
You, say parents don't understand
Yo, that's ill, I know they can
But, you're feelings they cannot read
And, communication is the key
See, this structure is under attack, Jack
And all see it from white ta black
We got problems like never before
That won't fade by lockin' your door
Or runnin' away, so hear what I say
Yo, talk is the only way

Talk it out
Talk it out

Talk things out, begin to pray, ya'll
This unit is the only way
Created by God, the Father of all
Who gave each entity a different call
Add it all together to build a team
One voice, one unit, a Christian theme
But this can't happen if ya shut the door
Block things out and begin to ignore
Verbal interaction is atop the list
The only antidote to slashing a wrist
Talk things out with the Father above
Boy, communicate with the ones ya love

(repeat chorus)
You say you've got problems
Thinkin' they don't recognize
Let communication solve them
God will open up their eyes

You gotta talk, talk it out
Cause dc Talk is all about, well
This thing called a name
To ya family, it ain't no game
So just look, look to the hook
Of a song based on the Good Book, y'all
Of life, ya know what I'm sayin'
DCT and we ain't playin'

(repeat chorus 2x)

Talk it out
All you gotta do is talk it out
Talk it straight up with your family [4x]

Take it to the Lord previous songnext songtop

Now when you're down and feelin' out
I know ya take it to the Lord
But those times when ya got the clout
Do you take it to the Lord?
When you're outta cash and ya rent is due
I know ya take it to the Lord
But when you're livin' large and ya got the juice
Do ya take it to the mighty Lord?

Take it to the Lord
Who ya take it to?
Take it to the Lord y'all
Ya gotta take it to the Lord
Take it to the Lord
Who ya take it to?
Take it to the Lord y'all
Ya gotta take it to the mighty Lord

Ya tend to take it ta God when ya losin' grip
Ya got Christ in ya heart, but ya livin' a trip
I mean, when ya got trouble, ya call His name
But, everybody prays when it comes ta pain
Or, when you're feelin' down and ya need a burst
Say a short prayer, read a Bible verse
And then expect my Father to honor that
Yo, the life thatcha livin' is straight up wack
Ya gotta

(repeat chorus)

Now this song ain't to dis your name
And it sure ain't to get me fame
I just gotta explain that it ain't no game
Call Him when ya need Him, then forget the Name
Yo, that's lame, and I will proclaim
Stop usin' God for your personal gain
Cause in the end, you'll be left ta hang, boy
Check the Word, it'll tell ya the same

(repeat chorus)

Ya need to take it ta God on the regular tip
When things go right, it seems that ya forget
That He wants your attention, He wants ya praise
Unsituational, regardless of days
It's a 24-7 type-a-sich at hand
Based upon grace, God's love for man
And He's ready and waitin', arms open wide
So take it ta God, cause He's on ya side
Ya gotta

(repeat chorus 2x)

When you're down and feelin' out
Who ya take it to?
Even when you've got the clout ya need to
Take it to the Lord
When you're out of cash, and your rent is due
Who ya take it to?
When you're livin' large and you've got the juice
Do you take it to the mighty Lord? 

Who ya take it to, who ya take it to, who ya take it to?
DC in the house
Who ya take it to, who ya take it to, who ya take it to?
Take it to the Lord
Who ya take it to, who ya take it to, who ya take it to?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Who ya take it to, who ya take it to, who ya take it to?
DC in the house

Children can Live (Without it) previous songnext songtop

I don't want another country
I want ta recognize intent
Of our forefathers when they wrote
Precisely what they meant
Taken on the form of Christian
But the power is denied
In God we trust only when we lust
For the apple of our eye
One nation under God
With morals out of proportion
An end result is murder
Under legalized abortion

Children can live without it
Who's gonna take it away?
Children can live without it
Maybe we'll learn someday
Oh, that we'll learn, I pray

A miracle of God
Now looked on as a choice
It's time for all His children
To unify a voice
With influence in our numbers
And power in out prayer
We must defend the children
And fight for what is fair
What appears to be an upset
Can change its ugly course
And we can do it all
Through Jesus Christ our Lord

(repeat chorus)
O, they can fight, but they cannot win
They can scream, but none will hear them
Don't ya know that our conscience will die
If we take away the freedom to survive?

Can I get a Witness previous songtop

I rap for Christ, no crossin' the line
I don't water down lyrics or forget the spine
I gotta come bold, cause I've been sold
On the Word that'll never grow old
Ya see, I was raised in a Godly home
And I was taught as a child who is on the throne
I learned to have faith and I learned to stand
Up for the Father, who is in command
Ya know, back in the day, I was taught to pray
Ya see, a livin' God would have it no other way
I wanna know who's down with what I say
Yo fellas, there's no time to play, so get busy

Can I get a witness
Does anyone agree?
Can I get a witness
To stand for their belief?
Can I get a witness
To carry on the torch?
Bring honor to the Father
Give glory to the Lord

Who's in the army, who's servin' the King?
Callin' all brothers to the center ring
We're in one accord, we're servin' the Lord
Eternal life is our reward
We gotta come together and build morale
Yo, what are ya waitin' for, the time is now
I gotta ask y'all, do I stand alone?
I need a second motion on the microphone
Can I get a witness to what you've heard
I need a posse to give me da word (word!)
Jump on my back, let's kill the hype, boys
I need a witness for Jesus Christ

(repeat chorus)

Don't stand for me or for dc Talk
Til ya know in your heart that we ain't the bulk
We're just three young brothers
Who were willin' to serve
Took a stand, threw the devil a curve
By usin' our talent for the almighty Lord
When He gave us a gift, He gave us a chore
Called the Great Commission, it's like fishin'
But souls are the goal of this Christian mission
Claim to be willin', yo, let it be known
Don't hide ya faith like a dog on a bone
We need a soldier who's got it in check
And a fit witness who's full in effect

(repeat chorus 2x)

I gotta say a few
Can I get a witness?
I'm talkin' about a witness for Jesus Christ
Y'all know what I'm sayin'?
It's time to get busy people
It's time to get busy out there
Servin' your Lord and Savior
Yo, He's askin' you now, "Can I get a witness?"
If y'all know what's up with that
If you down with this movement
I need some help
I need somebody to get my back out there
Because Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior
Cold did it for us
Now it's our turn to return this favor
And cold do it for Him
Ya know what I'm sayin'?

All songs (except "Life") 1992 Up In The
Mix Music/ BMI/ A Division of The
ForeFront Communications Group Inc.
7106 Moores Lane, Suite 200 Brentwood,
TN 37027 (615) 370-444

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