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So you thought that Christian music was boring. Here's a site that will change that. This is the best deal on the net to experience the best music that you'll ever find. Simple- choose your songs and soon you'll get a CD with all the songs you chose. Listen, sample it, like it and buy the music you want!! The songs will be full length songs. 

The aim of this site is to help you get introduced to Christian music! If you already are into Christian music it helps you choose which artists you want to buy next. Its also a great way to get all the songs you love into one CD!!

And you don't have to spend any money!! Here in India I find it tough to get my hands on a lot of the music I want. So here's the deal - I'll send you your music if you send me my music. Simple? See my wishlist. Send me any of the albums I want and I'll send you your choice of songs!

1. For every new/used original CD I will send you 2 CDs filled with the songs you want.
2. For every recorded CD/New cassette you send me I will send you one CD filled with the songs you want . 

I will stress that while this is an easy way to get all the songs you want into a CD, the ultimate aim of this site is to help you choose which album to buy and support the artist! That is why you cannot choose more than 4 songs by the same artist on one CD. The list is small, but I'm working on it. 

How do you get your CD

step 1: choose the 15 songs you want and use the form to send the list to me

step 2: After checking with me, send any of the CDs on my wishlist at the address given here

step 3: Wait!! (That's the most boring bit!!)

I'll send you 1 or 2 CDs for every album that you send me (even used CDs / new cassettes are acceptable!!). You can find this list on my wishlist! As I said before, this site is just to get everyone the music they want. It's sometimes frustrating here in India as I can't get most Christian music albums!! It takes ages to hit the stores!!

Simply mail me any of the albums on my wish list and I'll mail you your CD!!!

To see the list of songs you can choose click here

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To see the terms and conditions click here

I have cancelled the option of paying for the CD by check/credit.




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