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This section is to just make things quite clear.

1. This CD is being sent to you on your request. I am in no way responsible for what you do with it!!

2. Is this legal - a very fine line. As I said the aim of this site is to help you sample artists and then support the artist by visiting their website, buying their music and merchandise, attending their concerts, etc. 

3. While I will try to ensure the best quality, I cannot guarantee 100% satisfaction. (I wish I could). Any gross error/mishap will be rectified though - left to my discretion. I must state that I am a pretty nice guy and will keep my word. I also have very little money to splurge on re-recording CDs and re-mailing them for some silly reason!!

4. I am definitely not responsible for any damage due to mailing and transport. Its totally outside my hands!! If you want to use an international courier which is more expensive, let me know and I will tell you what the extra cost will be. I will also send you a copy of the bill.

5. Please ensure that your CD Player is CD-R compatible. I will test all CDs on my CD drive and on a regular CD player before I mail them. Unfortunately I cannot check it on yours before I mail it!! 

6. You have to agree to the terms if you want the CD!!

7. All CDs will be mailed as soon as possible. But please allow me some time to study at college!! The bottomline is I am not responsible for postal delays. 

8.. More terms and conditions as and when I think of them and whenever I get into a tight spot 

Sounds scary?!! The bottomline is that I will do my best. rust me you'll love this. Enjoy!



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