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I believe that MUSIC is the SPICE of LIFE and is FOOD for the SOUL. My kind of music is varied - basically anything catchy gets my attention. I'm into Christian Music. That accounts for 80% of my music time. There are several bands I like - DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Carman, Rebecca St. James, Degarmo and Key, Michael W.Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay, Jennifer Knapp, Supertones, Geoffe Moore. How's that for variety! Seeing how Christian Music is expanding and the new generation of emerging artistes, that list will be expanding.

Why do I listen to gospel music? Firstly, I don't think I'm missing out on anything by switching out of mainstream pop and rock because the gospel music scene has some exciting artistes. And what better way to unwind than to listen to music with a message. Check out my Web Links section. I'll connect you to some cool gospel music soon.

Among non-christian music, I don't prefer any band in particular. My choice varies every week! . I like catchy numbers and the music I listen to depends largely on my mood. The acoustic guitar sound can get me hooked. I like headbanging!! It is literally a pain in the neck, but we(including some friends at college) love doing it for some songs, 'I hate everything about you' being the most popular one. I hate heavy metal music. It sounds so distorted....

I also attempt to 'make' music and can play the guitar and drums. I do realize that there is a fine line dividing music and noise. When I play my instrument I explore both sides of that line! Lemme assure you that I largely stick to the 'music' side and rarely stray towards the 'noise' side. It's interesting and I love it. I'm the official drummer of my class- a position held out of necessity rather than any talent. The jazz is just a little too big(literally) for me to handle. I dream that someday I'll be able to play the drums/guitars in a band of my own. Dreams ...seem so close ....yet so far..... hmmmm 8-)

Here is a list of my favorite songs and bands:

Favorite songs

1.Into Jesus (DC Talk)

2.Feel (Michelle Tumes)

3.Two sets of Joneses (Big Tent Revival)

4.In the Light (DC Talk)

5.My Heart will Trust in You (Darlene Zschech)

Favorite Albums

1.Listen (Michelle Tumes)

2.WOW 99 vol.1

3.All Things are Possible (Hillsongs)

4.God is Good (Don Moen)

5.Supernatural (DC Talk)

Favorite Bands/Singers

1.DC Talk

2.Michelle Tumes

3.Darlene Zschech

4.Don Moen

5.Rebecca St. James

That list keeps changing often, so.....

If you know any interesting websites with lyrics and chords of gospel music, let me know.


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