Once you've submitted your request to join the ring, you'll have to insert this HTML code into the website that you submitted. You can also get the html from the e-mail you received.

This is quite simple. You'll simply have to copy and paste the HTML code given in the box into your page. Remember to:

Substitute --id-- with the id no. that was mailed to you.

Got the hang of it I hope.

I've left you with two options and you can choose either.

Option 1  is the coolest code and includes a cool image with hotspots and an amazing dynamic textbox that 
help you navigate through the webring. You will have to copy this whole code including the javascript for this to work.

Option 2 is a regular table with a logo and text links to help you navigate through the webring. 

The appearance for both are given just above the html codes

You should use the ADDICTED2JESUS webring logo. You can also design your own A2J logo for your page.

If you have any difficulty please e-mail me

And Bingo!! There you are right in the middle of the ring proclaiming that you are ADDICTED2JESUS!

This is how the html code option 1 looks... cool....!

The ADDICTED2JESUS WEBRING HTML code (option 1) is given in the textbox below. Copy/paste it into your website after making changes as explained above.

This is how the html code option 2  looks

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List Sites
mailing list

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