Are you Addicted to Jesus? Hooked to Him? Do you love Him? Can't live without Him? And do you have a website that shows that u r addicted2jesus?

J o i n   T h e   R i n g !!

It's simple. You'll soon find access to many other homepages built by people who are addicted2jesus and see ardent jesus addicts visiting your site!

We're just getting started and hope to soon build a cool collection of sites that will help people get addicted2jesus!



Three simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up for the Addicted2Jesus webring

Step 2: Insert the required HTML code into your homepage

Step 3: Send me an e-mail when you're done

I'll review your site and if I am satisfied with the contents I will add it on to the webring.!! So don't just sit there dreaming... 

This webring will contain only sound Christian sites. Controversial, conky, unsound, satanic, unchristian sites will not be added.

You don't necessarily need  to own a site that preaches the whole bible in one page or has a 100 links. A simple page truly glorifying Jesus Christ is more than enough!!

So come on! Let's get  ADDICTED2JESUS!!


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