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Me, Myself and I


Well! Here you are at my homepage!! I dunno how you got in here but hope you'll have a great time exploring. This homepage aims at letting you know a little about me and focusing attention on the One who gives me a million reasons to smile every day - JESUS CHRIST!! 
Ever realized that you know the least about yourself? Trust me - it's true! I'll leave you with the bare minimum about myself
Full name: Benjamin Jeyanth Ross
You can call me:
Benji, Jeyanth, Boonjax, BJR, ..
Date of birth:
12th October 1976
Educational Status:
Great guys become docs!! I graduated out of  the Christian Medical College in Vellore India. The millennium  thus sees me as a full fledged doc! (Sounds scary eh!!)
Motto in life:
Just Do It [courtesy, Nike]
Music, guitaring, basketball, building castles in the air, sleeping in class, drumming. Even tried body-building! Note that all the above may not qualify as 'hobbies'.
My inspiration:
My dream:
Look like Arnold Schwarznegger (Right now my waist size matches his biceps ) , sing like John Schlitt (of Petra) .. Getting more serious, I'd like to be a good, responsible doctor. I'm interested in working in a good Hospital and serving Jesus.
My future:
I'm dying to find out. It seems shrouded in mystery. I plan to do my postgraduate studies in Pediatrics, marry and  RETIRE preferably in that order!((((((Now, I may have missed some parts in-between!))))). 
There's a lot of hard work to do if I wanna get into a good college to do my post-graduate studies.

What(or rather who) makes my life so exciting is a person called Jesus.  Jesus Rocks!! If you haven't met Him as yet, plunge right into this site and you'll find out what you're missing!.


My Family


I live with my parents in the city of Chennai (the new term for Madras) in Tamilnadu, South India.
My Dad is the Vice-president of a firm called Pentafour Products. He's in the air-conditioning and chemicals division. 

My Mom does not work, but is always busy at home. Now that I'm at home after my five-and-a-half year stint in medical college, I manage to enjoy her cooking everyday. Trust me - it's been like coming to the land of plenty after 5.5 years in a barren land!!

I have an elder brother and a younger sister.

My brother, Arun has finished his B.E(honors) -Computer Science and his M.S. at the Michigan State University in the US of A! He's presently doing a Ph.D. at MSU. He's gonna laugh when he sees my html-java-illiterate homepage. Check him out. , He's a cool guy. He's a very organized chap, plays the guitar and is an ardent music fan.

My LITTLE sister  Sheba is is an architect and finished  her B. Arch(Bachelor of Architecture) degree course at the Anna University in Madras. She's got awesome talents she's got a beautiful voice, is extremely good at drawing and stuff and is a hard worker. She also has a cute ponytail that I love to gently tug. So much for the simpler pleasures in life!!

So what is a guy like me doing in the middle of talented siblings? I dunno!! My bro took away the brains and neatness. My sister took away all the music and artistic talents. They split the good looks and the ability to 'think'. So here I am, with this freak sense of humor(which MAY become apparent as I update my homepage). These are my closest friends and I owe a lot to each of them


These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Favorite color: Navy Blue
Favorite game: Basketball
Favorite sportsmen: Michael "Air" Jordan and Michael Chang
Favorite magazine: India today
Favorite animal: ??
Favorite line: 'Just Do It' and 'Go Ahead! Make My Day!!'
Favorite pastime: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Favorite cartoon: Tom and Jerry
Favorite Cartoon strips: 'Calvin & Hobbes' and 'Animal Crackers'
Favorite Movie: Broken Arrow
Favorite teams: The Chicago Bulls and the Indian Cricket team
Favorite TV serial: Third rock from the sun
Favorite drink: Pepsi / a cup of steaming hot coffee
Favorite food item: Hawaiian pizza
Favorite Song: Into Jesus (DC Talk)
Favorite Album: Listen (Michelle Tumes)
Favorite Music Band: DC Talk
Favorite musical instrument:
The bass guitar


I Hate These...


Some things in life turn me off and they include the following:
Cigarettes, booze and drugs: I don't understand why people want to commit suicide.
Violence: It kills!
Waking up on a cold morning: I prefer cuddling up in my warm bed.
Golf: It's so slow and takes up so much time on ESPN.
Spiders: The SPCA may{?} support them but I hate them scuttling around my room.
Corruption: Do I need a reason to hate it?


That's a little bit about me for you. I've built the rest of my HTML illiterate site centered around my love for Jesus. Hope this site makes you fall in love with Him and get addicted2jesus!!

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