my testimony


And so I was born!

Somewhere in history's tumultuous course through time there popped out this person called Benjamin Jeyanth Ross. Like most normal babies he cried as soon as he popped out......he cried.....and the world had another inmate!!

Well I had a Christian Home!

We had family prayers and went to church every Sunday. I was told to go to Sunday school. I learnt bible stories and memorized bible verses. Great way to build a great foundation! But hey.... something was missing.

Hmmm.... I wasn't that bad

I went through the motions.... school, shifting home, new friends, growing up. I realized that I had the power of choice! I wanted to be good. So I compared.... ugh! The other guys were all bad!! They copied in exams, they smoked, they stared at girls, they read pornography, they lied....and I wasn't that bad actually. That started it off. Gradually there became 2 of me!! Back at home and Church I was Mr. Nice-Guy and out in school I was Mr. Just-Getting-Worse! My vocabulary changed, I pretended and I lived. 

Someone Changed My Life

Then I attended Vacation Bible School (like every summer hols) and I was with people who really loved Jesus. I crumpled!! I couldn't live the double-life anymore. I decided to change and set my foot tentatively, but boldly, on the narrow road.  I knew my life would never be the same again!!

The Road is Rough!

If I thought life would be a bed of roses, I was wrong! There were struggles. There were temptations. My faith took a beating many a time. I stumbled, I fell, I crashed, I screamed at God... and then I rose again.

I'm far from perfect. Being a busy student, I compromise a lot on reading the word and spending time with God...and it shows. I crump under pressure and once again there are 2 of me. But the fire is there in me! He never hates me or lets me down. I melt when I realise that many times, I rebuke Him for tough times and then realise it is He who carries me through.  I just wish i were closer to Him... just a little more each day!!

I don't have  much more to say. I'm an ordinary guy with an ordinary testimony - Jesus Changed MY Life!! He could change yours!! In fact, He SHOULD change yours!!

Lemme know if you're interested in Jesus!!



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