It's all over! Once thought of as an industry that thrived on dropouts, and the bad guys who sought and found joy in satisfying their lust, the porn industry has now spread its tentacles to grab the innocent - that innocent TV viewer; that innocent magazine reader who ends up ogling at some ad.... and the innocent surfer. That includes you and me! To make things worse, in the name of liberation and freedom there are enough pictures, ads and content on most normal magazines, TV channels and websites that easily qualify as soft porn - tempting the viewer into harder stuff. Recent cover stories in TIME and WEEK on Breast cancer had provocative cover photos that drew objections from readers. Clothing ads now reveal more flesh than clothes. Perfume ads ooze a kind of appeal that pumps up one's hormone levels(!). Burger King, the fast-food chain, unknowingly distributed a CD-Rom containing more than 2,000 pornographic web addresses for free with its children's meal. First of all the word "Sex" is the #1 word searched for on the Internet.  An image is created of sexual freedom being a  part of the brave, care-free, cool youth of today. It creates lust. And bingo - the porn industry flourishes. No-one is spared - kids, adults, those who want it, those who don't, those who didn't know it existed!!!

It can start off innocuously. A spam mail, a banner-ad, a pop-up, an irrelevant search result. Or it can start offas a deliberate attempt. Whichever way, once you're in it, it's tough to bail out. You yearn more, you want harder stuff, you open more browsers, you wish the internet was forever.... just for a few more drops of porn. You're deep in it! And you wanna break free....


The General Solution

Don't go online! Much easier said than done. It's quite impossible since you will always have to check mail, do a reference, look for information. The bottomline is - don't go online if you feel the desire!! Go take a jog instead!!!

Switch that comp off

When you go online make a list of things to do, do it and get outta there. The aimless mind is the seat of desire!!

Depending on what you have to do, allot a time period and set an alarm. Most normal activities like checking mail, looking up a reference can be done in an hour or so.  Cut it fine so that you don't end up with spare time to surf aimlessly

Nope - don't use cybercafes, but put your comp in a place where your family, etc will walk past every now and then. This IS NOT a bother and does not invade your privacy!! The fear of being caught is supposedly the best killer of desire! Needless to say, avoid surfing at home late in the night when everyone's asleep.

I don't say they are clean, but the chances are that the better search engines show more relevant results. Porn sites use obscure search engines to come up as irrelevant results. Use the adult filters present in most search engines. It's safer.

It's nice to chat with a friend a little online when you feel distracted, keeps you occupied while waiting for pages to download, etc. Use IM, chat anything. 

If you didn't expect it in your mailbox, cut it off!! This is a safe bet against spam, sex, porn and viruses. Configure your mail client to automatically delete mail with words like XXX, sex, naked, porn on the mail.

The Software Solution

I've never used any of these and don't know how exactly they function, but they are very useful. Every responsible parent should have them installed. The list is resources listing software plus the software sites themselves

American Family Filter

Cyber Patrol /
Disk Tracy /
Family Connect /
GreenBox  /
I-Gear /


KidSafe Explorer /
Kids Protected Online /
NetNanny /
NetRated /
Planet Web /
Save Our System / 
SmartAlex /
Software4parents /
SurfMonkey /
Surf Watch / 
Time's Up! / /
Web Sense /
WinWhatWhere For Families /
WizGuard /
X-Stop /

Here is a list of Internet providers who have integrated the pornography blocking into their software.

ClearSail.Net /
CompuServe /
Rated-G Online /
Mindspring /
Prodigy /
SafeAccess.Net /
TrustedNet /
Web 4 Kids /


The Specific Solution

Often a desire for porn reflects an emptiness, loneliness, frustration, anger  within you. The problem is more than just skin deep. If you realise that you have a problem and are willing to bail out, you're already started your journey out of it!!

Now different people may say different people may say different things - yoga, meditation, nature walk etc, etc. But what I say is this. Yo get de-addicted from something you need to get addicted to something else. Sounds jinxed??!! I'm talking about allowing yourself to experience something that will help you break free from every chain - including porn!!


I'm not talking about religion, big terms, conversion and jargon here. I'm just offering you an experience that WILL help you break free. It's a satisfaction guaranteed solution. Are you upto it??!! Click here for more if you want it. It's one click you will never ever regret!

More Christian resources are here

American Family Filter

Battle Plan Ministry Battle Plan Ministry (BPM) at Central Church was founded to provide a ministry of restoration and discipline for men who have become ensared in habitual sexual sin

Christian Computing Magazine You will find a variety of articles on the subject of the danger and damage of online pornography.

Christian Recovery International A coalition of ministries dedicated to helping the Christian community become a safe and helpful place for people recovering from addiction, abuse or trauma.

Esther Ministries  The Goal of Esther Ministries is to help women break the cycles of addiction within their families that have thrived for generations.

Fires of Darkness Addictions to pornography can be overcome! A ministry for pornography addicts

Help And Hope  the OASISS Division of the Christian Alliance for Sexual Recovery, Inc

Life Strategies Life Strategies Christian Counseling provides a 3 day intensive workshop, in a one to one format,  for men struggling with sexual addiction. 

New Life Ministry: New Life Ministry is an online support group for men, women, and their families who struggle with pornography and bondage to sexual sin. We are made up of people from all walks of life

New Life Partners We are a Christian based online support group for women whose husbands are caught in the web of sexual addiction.

Porn-Free sharing the truth about pornography and sex addiction

Pure Life Ministries Pure Life Ministries helps Christian men achieve lasting freedom from sexual sin

Pure Marriage Ministries a ministry devoted to helping couples whose marriages have been effected by pornography. 

RSA Ministries RSA Ministries is a Christ-centered, 12-Step Recovery Program for people who are struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors

Set Free Ministries Set Free from porn addiction, sex struggles and free porn. Come out of the darkness, the rewards are far greater than the tantalizing deception.

Setting Captives Free Providing Christ-Centered Hope and Freedom

xxx church >>> the number 1 christian pornography site 

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