Title: Since I Met You
Artist: DC Talk
Album: Supernatural 
Tabbed by: mandywalker@hotmail.com

Was at the end of my rope, had nowhere to go
Was at the end of my rope, I had nothing to show
Until the day that I turned to you, was at the end

A D A D A  2x

A                              D
  You call me crazy, man you make my day
A                            D 
  My state of residence was disarray
A                        D               E 
  At every party and as far as anybody knew
                  G     G
  Everything was cool, but
A                            D
  The truth was bottled up inside of me
A                       D
  I was as lonely as a man could be
        A                      D 
  And my 200 friends couldn't fill the void
  In my soul
                   G  G
  It was a giant hole

 Bm                  E
  Nothing made any sense
 Ab                       F#
  I thought there would never be an end
 Bm              E            A
  Then love came knocking at my door

               D               A
  Since I met you I've been alright
                     D            E
  You turn all my darkness into light
                   D             A
  And since I met you I've been okay 
  I've been alright
             D              A
Since I met you I've been okay
                    F#m        E
You're rolling my winter into May
             D               E
Since I met you I've been alright
           A  D       A  D  A
I've been okay, been okay


F# Eb 2x

A D A D A 

A                         D
  Sick and tired of the same ol' fluff
A                          D
  You took me in and you shook me up
A                          D              G
  You got me tripping on a vision of eternity

  I can see it clearly


A D over and over... 

This is a really fun song to play.... I had some trouble with a
couple chords... but they are pretty close.... give me a shout if
you have any comments or suggestions...