Godsend from the Album "Supernatural"
DCTalk copyright 1998.
Tabbed by Craig and Terry Barnes.

G'day! Just a quick bit to get you all annoyed and on your toes to
figure the rest of it out!
For all you lovers who have been dying to play this to your
Girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband/self, The intro and verse go like

C, Cmaj7, C2, Cmaj7 (x2)
F, Fmaj7, F2, Fmaj7 (x2)
Then on the pre chorus it goes: Eb, F.

Hope and praying,  I've been waiting,
everybody, needs somebody to love.
There's no question, straight from Heaven,
                                                 Eb                F
you're my angel, I'm so crazy for you!

You're a godsend, a blessing from above,
you've been god sent to me.
You're the Godsend I've been dreaming of,
you're a Go-o-o-o-od send.

holding your hand, touching your face,
                                                    Eb          F
I will love you, now and always I swear!

Etc......... (You know the words!)
For those who want to know how I play these chords...
C: x32010   Cmaj7: x32000   C2: x32030   F: xx3211   Fmaj7: xx3201   F2:

This is one of the better songs from the album, I must confess, the
quality of the the songs produced I found sadly lacking. They are all
good, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't as good or lasting as Jesus
Freak! I got a bit tired of them after about two weeks! Sorry guys!
They're still great but this new CD is missing something. They probably
should have released this song as the single to the secular charts!
Corections and finishings most welcome!