Hands And Feet
Audio Adrenaline
Words and Music By:
Mark Stuart, Bob Herdman, Will McGinnis
Copyright 1999 Up in the Mix Music (BMI)
Transcribed by: Jason Reif
Corrections by: Brandon Hofmann

Intro:   D      D/A    D/Em    D/G    Em     A  

Bm                             G                  Bm                                       G    
An image flashed across my TV screen,   Another broken heart comes into view,
Bm                      G                     D                                  G
I saw the pain, and I turned my back,  why can I do the things, I want to?
A                     Em             A  
I am willing, yet I'm so afraid, You give me strength when I say

D                                             D/A
I want to be Your hands, I want to be Your feet,
D/Em                                      D/G
I'll go where You send me, go where You send me
Em              A               D                           A    G   
And I'll try, yeah I'll try,   to touch the world,  like You touched my life,
      Em             A                                   
And I'll find my way to be Your hands.

Verse 2:
Bm                       G                  Bm                               G  
I've Abandoned every selfish thought, I've surrendered everything I've got,
Bm                      G          D                                  G
You can have everything I am, and perfect everything I'm not,
A                     Em         A      
I am willing, I'm not afraid, You give me strength when I say

A                              G
This is the last time I turn my back from You,
E                                       G
>From now on I'll go out, send me where You want me too,
A                                   G
I finally have a mission, I promise I'll complete,
E                                          G
I don't need excuses when I am your hands and feet