Artist: Audio Adrenaline
Title: Chevette
Album: Some Kind of Zombie
Transcribed by: Chris Dupont
E-mail: www.
Intro: D-C-D-F 4x
this pattern sort of sounds more like the CD barred.
Verse 1:
Twenty years ago I watched in awe as my dad drove up the driveway 
more than proud to have a brand new family car
G                               D
30 miles to the gallon  0 to 60 sometimes
(continue chord pattern) 
I remember putting down the back seat and lying in the hatchback  
Looking at the sky watching trees go by.
I was the son of a preacher and he was a rich, poor man. 
F     G 
No A. C. 
and no F.M. 
and no regrets 
               D C   D   F             D  C   D     F   
IN MY CHEVETTE!     Yeah!  In my chevette.  Yeah. 
Verse 2 (same chord pattern as verse 1)
The winter cracked the highway and we tried to dodge the potholes.
He never promised us it would be a gentle ride.
He never had a problem though, keeping it on the narrow road.
Bridge: (I don't have the words to the bridge, but just play D and end it with F. then solo begins.)
Solo: F-G-A-G (barred) 2x
Repeat intro chord pattern a few times.
Good luck.