Christian Music Cassettes


What are these cassettes

These are original Christian Music cassettes that you can buy for US $5. They are high quality, legal and cool. 

How much do they cost?

US $ five!! No gimmicks. That's the maximum. If they are on sale or there are good sales this cost  will come down.

How are they so cheap?

These cassettes are from India where the cost of cassettes is quite low especially when you convert the figures into dollars. All you have to do is to pay the money for the cassette and the mailing and you will get them. As they are original and genuine albums released in India by original record labels, you are ensured of high quality and also you contribute to legal sales and say no to piracy. This is better than recording songs where you actually don't support the artist!

Terms and conditions

- Payment must be made in check before the cassette is mailed to you. 
- We are not responsible for any defects in manufacturing by the original companies. I have personally used 100s of them and very rarely come across a defect. 
- We are definitely not responsible for any damage due to shipping/mailing.
- We do not offer any guarantee about the quality of music. While this may sound scary to you having used these cassettes for the past ten years or so, I am completely satisfied. All I am doing is buying the cassettes for you and mail them to you! If you wish to we can personally play the cassette check the quality and then mail them. This means that the pack will be opened and you will not receive the seal.

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